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Introducing the Give Back Health Clinic Collection for Practitioners

Great, ANOTHER practitioner-only brand?! We hear you, but stay with us for a moment and you’ll find out why Give Back Health Clinic Collection is unlike anything you currently stock, prescribe or take yourself.

The Give Back Health Clinic Collection is the next stage of our journey in donating 10 million doses of therapeutically active nutritional health supplements to our impact partners, The Happy Boxes Project, Brisbane Youth Service and Good360 who support youth and women facing or experiencing housing insecurity or homelessness.

Want to know more about Give Back Health and our mission? Find out here.

While there are plenty of great praccie-only brands around, right from the offset we knew we were going to do something a little different with Give Back Health Clinic Collection.

We wanted to ensure that not only was our practitioner range made up of simple, scientifically sound and effective formulations containing the highest quality, most validated ingredients at therapeutic dosages, we also wanted to ensure that these products were accessible to more people. We wanted more people to be able to benefit from them.

So our task has been to source the highest quality ingredients, work with the very best in industry and make some magic happen to keep costs competitive – or lower – than what’s currently out there. No mean feat, but significantly lower overheads and reduced margins mean we can pass on benefits to both practitioners and patients.

Highest quality. Great price. Efficacy all the way.

You’re welcome.

And we’re starting with eight practitioner-only products that focus on mental health, fertility and healthy ageing.

What makes Give Back Health Clinic Collection different?

So you’re thinking, this all sounds great, but how is Give Back Health Clinic Collection different?

Manufactured in TGA-Approved GMP facilities in Australia

Firstly, our products are formulated in Australia by experts in the industry and manufactured In Australian TGA-Approved GMP facilities. Every time. And as a result, all of our products have also been through the same strict testing procedures as listed medicines. This is actually a bigger deal than you might think.

Highest quality ingredients at a great price

We covered this above, but in short we’ve gone all in on finding the best ingredients available and we’ve selected for efficacy, not for price. But even where ingredients are typically cost prohibitive, because we run with lowered margins and overheads, we’re able to pass on those benefits to you and your patients.

In line with our goals of health equity, we’ve made sure that our synergistic formulations are great value for money and enable you as the practitioner to dispense the required ingredients without excessive cost and barriers to your patient.

Supported by the best in the industry

Give Back Health consults with some of Australia’s leading natural health experts including naturopaths, nutritionists, dieticians and integrative doctors. The people behind this first round of products are second-to-none researchers and industry experts. We’ll also be announcing our Scientific Advisory Committee soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Targeted nutritional ingredients for in-clinic needs

Over the last year we’ve been listening to what our practitioners and their patients say they need most. With a focus on mental health, fertility and healthy ageing, Give Back Health Clinic Collection has been developed to address both simple and complex patient presentations. From compounding through to multi-ingredients, all our products are at therapeutic dosages and supported by high quality scientific studies.

Educational factsheets

When you purchase Give Back Health Clinic Collection products through our preferred distributors, you can download the accompanying technical factsheet. We’ve purposefully tried to do something different here. Alongside including our references for scientific transparency, we wanted to make our factsheets user friendly and something that’s actually a useful in-clinic tool for you to guide patient understanding. Easy for you, easy for them.

Clean, therapeutically dosed formulations

Our products are evidence-based, carefully considered and contain therapeutically sound ingredients. In fact, all formulations are therapeutically dosed. Our dosages are led and supported by science and are more likely to get results. Without exception, we only use clean, high-quality ingredients and exclude any unnecessary excipients. We make sure to use the purest, most bio-available and effective form of an ingredient so real health results are more likely to be achieved.

Only available to healthcare practitioners

We’ve also ensured that this range contains practitioner-only formulations. The Give Back Health Clinic Collection is ONLY available to qualified health practitioners and is not available to the general public in any form. This greatly differs from our retail range; the general public can access this here.

We’re able to successfully achieve this sustainably due to operating with a lean team, lower overheads, industry contacts and lower margins meaning we can offer the best quality products at the best possible prices.

Our first products

Without further ado, here they are! The first eight products in the Give Back Health Clinic Collection range.  

Compounding products

Multi-ingredient product

Where can I buy Give Back Health Clinic Collection?

We are proud to partner with two of Australia’s leading healthcare distributors.

Our products are evidence-based, best quality and at an exceptional price. They’re designed to support both our practitioners their patients.

Practitioners wishing to use, and stock Give Back Health Clinic Collection products can contact and order directly from our distributors.

PLEASE NOTE: As Give Back Health Clinic Collection products are strictly practitioner-only, you may only be able to view these products and receive special pricing if you are have already been approved by our distributors and are logged into their website.

So there we are.  We’re Give Back Health introducing Give Back Health Clinic Collection, a practitioner-only brand designed to make a positive difference to the Australian natural health market.

Join us in doing things differently and making a positive difference. Join us on our mission to donate 10 million doses of therapeutic nutritional supplements to youth and women living below the poverty line in Australia.

Feel good. Give back.

DISCLAIMER: We recommend speaking with a healthcare practitioner before taking any supplements or nutraceuticals to ensure you don’t encounter any adverse effects or interactions with current medications you may be taking.