We want to donate 10 million doses of therapeutic nutritional supplements in the next 5 years.

Help us do it in 3.

If you're looking for clean, therapeutically active nutritional supplements and products that are backed by science and only contain ingredients at clinical dosages, you're in the right place.

Feel good. Give back.

By using our products you give yourself the best possible chance of achieving optimal results from supplementation and you also give back health to vulnerable and at-risk individuals across Australia.

Each time you buy one of our products, we donate the equivalent amount of doses to Australian charities who support individuals and communities living below the poverty line and are more likely to experience nutritional deficiencies.

No filler, fluff or fairy dust.

Our products are formulated to be as clean as clean can be. If we wouldn’t give it to our own families, it won’t feature in our products.

We use minimal excipients, thoughtful sourcing and the most bioavailable forms of ingredients at therapeutic dosages. We don’t do window dressing. Everything that goes into our products has a rationale and is underpinned by scientific research of the highest calibre performed by a team of industry experts.

Formulated by researchers, scientists, naturopaths and industry experts.

Informed and guided by a Scientific Advisory Committee

No filler, fluff or fairy dust. Ingredients at therapeutic dosages.

Dose for dose.
We donate a dose for each dose purchased.

Gives back to all involved at different parts of the product journey.

Manufactured in TGA-approved, GMP facilities in Australia


Our immunity product

Unlike other immunity products that are classified as foods, Give Back Health Immunity Plus is a TGA listed medicine that contains Vitamin C, Vitamin D and zinc at therapeutic dosages. It’s designed to get actual results.

This is the product we have available to purchase through our online store. It is also the exact same product that we donate to vulnerable and at-risk Australians living below the poverty line.

For healthcare practitioners

Give Back Health Clinic Collection is our practitioner-only range, available to purchase from our preferred distributors

From extemporaneous compounding ingredients through to multi-ingredient formulations, our products are made up of the purest, highest quality ingredients currently available in the Australian marketplace. 

Better still, they are therapeutically dosed (or offer options for therapeutic dosing) and contain minimal to no excipients.

No filler, fluff or fairy dust.