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Webinars & Other Training Resources

Want to learn from industry professionals and feel up to date with the most current research and industry thinking? Join experts working within nutraceuticals, nutrition, naturopathy and other allied health fields as they deliver masterclasses designed to support industry progression.

Ingredient Overviews

Join product development and regulatory affairs experts, Dane Renshaw BNat (Hons) and Catharine Avila PhD, as they dive into the science, traditional use and lesser known facts about popular ingredients. Dane and Cathy are from Atomic Regs who look after all the product development, regulatory work and specific tech support for Give Back Health.

4 Things You Should Know About Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride (NRC) [VIDEO RESOURCE]

An overview of why nicotinamide riboside chloride is considered the most exciting new ingredient in Australia for healthy ageing and fertility.

The Ultimate Guide to Melatonin and Its Impact on Quality Sleep [VIDEO RESOURCE]

An overview of melatonin followed by a dive into some lesser discussed topics. Ever heard of phyto-melatonin? Or wondered about physiological dosing? Or the link between ageing and issues with sleep? Here’s your chance to deepen your knowledge.

3 In-Clinic Applications for Saffron

Known as a nurturing ingredient, discover how saffron can help support the nervous system, balance mood, support cognitive function and healthy ageing, and combine with other ingredients to turbo charge its impact.

The Clinic Collection

Connecting you with experience, expertise and best practice from clinics across Australia and New Zealand. 

Liver Dysfunction, Nervous System Dysregulation and Impact on Sleep
Thyroid, Adrenals and Treating the Individual [VIDEO RESOURCE]
A Holistic and Empowering Approach to Optimising Fertility [VIDEO RESOURCE]
The Less Obvious Nutrients to Consider in Female Fertility (Plant-Based Dietary Focus) [VIDEO RESOURCE]