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Why Not Add Some Kindness and Generosity To Your Day?

Brand values… ahh yep. Those things that every brand talks about, but not too many follow through on. Here at Give Back Health, our brand values are EVERYTHING. They’re not in a document that is filled out and put on a shelf to collect dust.

So what are Give Back Health’s brand values?

They are: unequivocal kindness, radical generosity, scientific transparency, facts over fads and positive difference. Let’s explore the first two of our values: radical generosity, and unequivocal kindness.

What is radical generosity?

At Give Back Health, we’re guided by the value of radical generosity.

Radical generosity cascades across every idea, thought and action that we have and take. Our Director and Give Back Coordinator loves generosity so much that he keeps coming up with ideas of how we can be even more generous, and at times we have to rein him in!

It’s what set off our ambitious goal of donating 10 million doses of therapeutically active nutritional health supplements to our charity impact partners in the next five years.

We want to positively impact as many people as possible.

In fact, it’s why we exist.

What is unequivocal kindness? 

When we started Give Back Health and began thinking about what we wanted to stand for, unequivocal kindness is what immediately came to mind. You could link this in with generosity, but there are some nuances.

Wherever possible, we express unequivocal kindness to our suppliers, our manufacturers, our distributors, our clinic partners, our charity impact partners, our community of natural healthcare practitioners and most of all, the people who use our products. We acknowledge the struggles and celebrate the achievements.

We’ve also been going to great lengths to see how we can make a positive difference from the start to the end of the nutraceutical supply chain. It’s no easy feat to do things differently, but we’ve already identified some opportunities and will continue to explore ways to be kinder to our fellow human beings, our planet and our animal friends.

Kindness costs nothing yet it can change the course of someone’s day. We’re all living on the same planet, all walking our own paths, all bearing our own burdens.

Why not lighten the load, where possible?

Feel good. Give back.

DISCLAIMER: We recommend speaking with a registered medical practitioner before taking any supplements or vitamins to ensure you don’t encounter any adverse effects or clashes with current medications you may be taking.