How to Accurately Combine and Compound Therapeutic Powders [MASTERCLASS]

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With decades of combined experience in clinic, education and practitioner-only formulations, join our industry experts as they demo, outline treatment decisions, discuss case studies and provide tips and tricks to help you to create custom, personalised compounding medicines.

Nutritional extemporaneous compounding ingredients open up a whole world of in clinic possibilities to create custom medicines for your patients. They also create opportunities to use ingredients that are not available in other forms but have a body of evidence to support their use.

A 2-Hour Expert-Led Masterclass with Live Q&A

In 2021 we delivered a webinar on How to Confidently Prescribe Compounding Ingredients with renowned naturopath-nutritionist and educator, Rachel Arthur, and product development and regulatory affairs expert, Dane Renshaw.

We’re excited to now bring you PART 2 of this compounding series.

Join Dane Renshaw, naturopath, industry speaker and educator, Emma Wisbey, and holistic naturopath, Grace Cadona, as they demo and dig into the process of selecting, mixing and compounding therapeutic ingredients.

With decades of combined experience in clinic, education, industry speaking and practitioner-only formulations, this session will give you the guidance you need to do more with compounding ingredients in clinic.

What Attendees Said After Our Last Webinar

Why Attend This Webinar?

Now’s your chance to learn more and upskill in selecting, mixing and compounding therapeutic powder ingredients. Bring new skills and knowledge to your practice, grow your confidence and become skilled in providing customised medicines for your patients.

All attendees will get a spreadsheet tool to help create perfectly balanced formulations, a requirements checklist of everything you need to compound powders, a process checklist to ensure accuracy and three case study cheat sheets.

See first-hand what the experts use to bring their extemporaneous compounding powders together into a formula that’s accurate, consistent and therefore more effective. Plus a FREE compounding checklist PDF so you can do the same yourself.

From the order of mixing through to easy-to-do errors around bulk density and dilution, learn where people are most likely to go wrong when preparing and mixing compounding powders so you can avoid making the same mistakes.

Watch demos of experts mixing extemporaneous compounding ingredient to treat specific conditions in a way that ensures accuracy, consistency and therefore reliability of results.

Understand how our industry experts approach a presenting complaint, the related symptoms, the rationale for selecting certain ingredients, the science supporting their use, the prescribed dosage and patient outcomes. Case studies on fertility, healthy ageing, sleep and mental health (stress and anxiety).

Hear from fellow natural health practitioners at different stages of career discuss their journey with compounding ingredients, including what’s worked for them and where they’ve struggled.

Enjoy a quick refresher on key issues around prescribing and using extemporaneous compounding ingredients, bulk density (and how it’s relevant to the process of combining ingredients), the inclusion of excipients (e.g. lecithin) and the regulations.

A recording from the live Q&A after the main presentation with Dane Renshaw, Emma Wisbey and Grace Cadona answering questions from attending practitioners.

Meet Our Presenters

Dane Renshaw ​

Dane is a product development and regulatory affairs consultant for the complementary medicines industry. Having trained at Southern Cross University, Dane was taught and mentored by highly respected experts and professionals in the field. After completing a degree in Naturopathy, he went on to complete his Honours degree at Southern Cross Plant Science and was later employed as a research scientist there to investigate the wound healing potential of Australian native plants. He has co-authored a number of academic journals on this research and presented findings at NHAA in 2012.

From his early days as a research scientist through to working as a regulatory consultant and later heading up the product development and regulatory affairs team at leading practitioner-only company, Bio Concepts (Orthoplex), Dane has a diverse background that has given him a thorough understanding of the whole journey, from ideation through to the research, regulation and marketing of health products. With a passion for educating and raising the standard of the industry, he most recently presented at UCL School of Pharmacy in London on safety, quality and interactions of nutraceuticals in a pharmacy settings.

Through his consultancy, Atomic Regs, Dane and his team serve medium to large brands with a central focus on helping them create memorable and meaningful health products that are innovative, unique, evidence-based, and comply with the regulations.

Emma Wisbey ​

Emma is an experienced, Melbourne-based naturopath, well known for her warmth, professionalism and experience across multiple areas of the natural health industry.

With over twenty years of experience working in clinical practice, she also supported and educated practitioners for over a decade at one of Australia’s leading nutraceutical companies, Bio Concepts (Orthoplex). She has a wealth of knowledge on and experience working with compounding ingredients.

Passionate about education and collaborative healthcare practices, Emma has presented at multiple in-person and online industry events in Australia, drawing on her extensive experience mentoring healthcare practitioners who are building their own profile in clinical practice.

Recent appearances include Geelong’s 93.9 Bay FM The Waiting RoomBetween Clinical Minds podcast (Episode 10: Childhood Mental Health and Episode and Episode 11: Depression, Anxiety & Tics Amongst Teenagers) and as keynote speaker for a 2017 national workshop series Resetting The Addicted Brain (How Everyday Habits Become Dependencies – Understanding the Biochemistry Behind Behaviours).

She is a firm believer that collaboration is the future and vital for our next generation. Being a mother of three, her key area of expertise is family health. Additionally she has a keen interest in mental health across all ages and stages of life.

Grace Cadona ​

Grace runs her own private clinic in Brisbane, QLD and currently works with liquid herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and diet strategies to create individualised formulas to target specific health needs. Like many new to the industry, she has worked less with extemporaneous compounding powders but is interested in how they can be combined to be highly effective personalised formulations. Undertaking her own initial research, she is starting to incorporate these into her offerings.

Known as someone who brings an energetic, caring and informed approach to her work, Grace enjoys helping people of all ages and working with all aspects of the body, with the goal of helping them feel their best all year round.

Her own health issues inspired Grace to become a naturopath. Playing many different sports while growing up, she competed nationally as a junior hockey player before moving into tennis, where she relocated to Barcelona in Spain and competed on the professional tennis circuit for several years. With this experience and background knowledge, she understands how supporting a healthy and active lifestyle can be invaluable in managing overall health.

Grace feels inspired to empower people by helping them to know their body better, understand how to make healthier choices and gain confidence in implementing dietary and lifestyle changes that will have meaningful results.


Need a teeny bit more info? Here are some commonly asked questions that may help you decide whether this webinar masterclass is right for you.

Who might want to attend this compounding webinar training?

From naturopaths ad nutritionists through to integrative doctors, this webinar is strictly for healthcare practitioners and students only.

  • New and student practitioners who have had minimal to no exposure through their studies and work to compounding powder processes, rules and regulations.
  • Established practitioners who are ready to level up and do more with compounding ingredients in clinic.
  • Experienced practitioners who want a refresher and glimpse into what others are currently doing in this space.
  • Healthcare practitioners with a focus on healthy ageing.
  • Fertility clinics and practitioners working with people experiencing challenges around fertility and healthy pregnancy.

How is this training different to the 2021 compounding webinar?

In 2021 we delivered a webinar on How to Confidently Prescribe Compounding Ingredients with renowned naturopath-nutritionist and educator, Rachel Arthur, and product development and regulatory affairs expert, Dane Renshaw. This lifted the curtain on some surprising truths and provided industry insights into compounding products, including industry best practices around prescribing. By popular request, our 2022 webinar goes into the actual process of compounding and provides expert recommendations on how to do this accurately to ensure reliability of results. Additionally, demos and case studies help to reinforce the presented content.

How long is the training?

This is a 90 minute webinar masterclass followed by a 20 minute live Q&A recording. It was originally broadcast in Sep 2022. 

What bonus FREE material is included with the training?

  1. Compounding Procedure Checklist
  2. Compounding Calculator Tool
  3. Compounding Tools Cheat Sheet
  4. Mental Health Case Study PDF. Focus on stress and anxiety.
  5. Sleep/Insomnia Case Study PDF
  6. Fertility Case Study PDF

Note: Each case study includes a clear breakdown of the compounded formulation created for the case study patient including the process, order and quantities of ingredients. All case studies explore the presenting complaint, the related symptoms, the rationale for selecting certain ingredients, the science supporting their use, the prescribed dosage and patient outcomes.

What ingredients are discussed and demoed in the training?

  • 5-HTP
  • Glycine
  • L-theanine
  • GABA
  • Saffron
  • Zinc
  • Nicotinamide riboside chloride (NR)
  • N-acetyl cysteine (NAC)
  • Sleepatonin (phyto-melatonin)
  • Vegan Pro
  • Magnesium
  • MagRelax

What won’t the training cover?

This webinar masterclass will not talk about ingredients outside of the case studies or provide more general insights into the world of compounding ingredients. Additional questions are addressed during the live Q&A at the end of the presentation.

Does this training carry CPE points?

This training can be used for 2 CPE points. We can provide a certificate of attendance to anyone who has signed up to this compounding webinar masterclass. Please send through the details of the name and email address that you signed up to the training with to

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