NMN and Why Quality Testing Matters

We have had multiple conversations with various people in the industry about the NMN that is currently available in the marketplace…

…and you know what’s shocking?

Not only are most products non-compliant (NMN is currently not approved for use in Australia, unless prescribed by healthcare practitioners as an extemporaneous compounding ingredient following a consultation)…

…but there are plenty of products out there masquerading as NMN.

They are not the NMN you think you’re getting.

The potency isn’t as stated.

Sometimes it’s not even NMN at all.


What is NMN and why is it popular?

Chances are you’ve heard of NMN. It’s a popular ingredient with a lot of recent research in relation to healthy ageing, energy optimisation and metabolic health. Technically speaking, nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is an NAD+ precursor. It provides the body with NAD+, which can be used in an extensive range of metabolic processes.

We were approached to bring out an NMN product and – knowing how independent third-party testing is a critical due to the high risk of adulterated and low purity materials currently being sold in the marketplace – we went all in on bringing you the best NMN possible.

Give Back Health Clinic Collection NMN is 100% pure, authenticated NMN powder for extemporaneous compounding. It is practitioner medicine grade. It is the same NMN used in human clinical trials.

Three reasons you can feel confident in using, compounding and prescribing Give Back Health Clinic Collection NMN

  1. It’s the same NMN used in human clinical trials.
  2. It is manufactured in TGA-approved GMP facilities in Australia to the same strict standards as listed medicines, and is tested throughout the process.
  3. Additionally, it is independently third-party tested for identification, purity and quality.

If you choose to use NMN in clinic, make sure it’s the real deal.


Where to buy NMN in Australia

Give Back Health Clinic Collection NMN is a practitioner-only product under the Give Back Health Clinic Collection range. This means you can purchase it following a consult with a healthcare professional who can better understand your personal situation and make recommendations to best support your health presentation.

To purchase Give Back Health Clinic Collection NMN:

  • HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONERS: Buy NMN today through our Australian and New Zealand distributors.
  • OTHERS WANTING TO USE GIVE BACK HEALTH NMN: Ask your healthcare practitioner or in-store naturopath for Give Back Health Clinic Collection NMN.

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