Do you have a tech support team?

As such, we don’t have a tech team. This is intentional as we work on minimal overheads to allow us to donate dose for dose to charities who support the vulnerable in our communities and also to maintain quality formulations and ingredients at great value pricing.

If you’re a patient, please contact your healthcare practitioner directly as they are best placed to support you.

If you’re a healthcare practitioner, we do offer product support via:

  1. Technical factsheets. Practitioners can access these via our distributors or on request. These factsheets contain common dosage ranges as well as other ingredient information;
  2. Our distributor partners, Oborne and, who have been trained in our products and do offer some Technical Support to healthcare practitioners;
  3. A growing collection of FAQs on our website; 
  4. Our Scientific Advisory Committee, headed by Dane Renshaw from Atomic Regs and including two PhD practitioners/educators. They are our guiding light for formulations, claims, regulations, education and tech queries that can’t be answered elsewhere.