I help many women who suffer a great deal with high cortisol levels during menopause. They are tired and depressed at the same time and cannot sleep at night or wake up several times with pounding – what would be best indicated?

D: Without knowing your complete patient’s history and all aspects of their presentation, it is difficult to recommend specific ingredients or products. You could however consider Glycine, L-theanine and Saffron + Zinc.

R: For your menopausal women with disturbed sleep architecture, I would want them to undergo sleep assessment as Sleep Disordered Breathing increases dramatically with the loss of progesterone specifically and is frequently failed to be picked up due to these women being a healthy weight and not exhibiting classic peripheral apnoea features like snoring.  I would trial Glycine first for sleep, in almost all patients, because it is low cost, devoid of interactions and highly effective in many. Using theanine on waking to settle the anxious feelings would be useful too.