Here’s What We Achieved With Your Help in Our First 100 Days

It’s been 100 days since Give Back Health launched and during that time – thanks to your support – we’ve managed to make some significant donations in products, RRP value and cash donations and inch that bit closer to our 10 million doses goal.

The 10 million doses goal

Did you know that 1 in 5 Australians live below the poverty line? And that homelessness and housing insecurity is rising the quickest among our youth and women? That 13% of young people have experienced homelessness and account for 24% of recent homelessness statistics?

And did you know that those living below the poverty line are at increased risk of nutritional deficiencies?

We’re a purpose-led nutraceutical company on a mission to give back health to vulnerable, at-risk Australians through nutritional intervention. Our goal is to donate 10 million doses of therapeutically active nutritional supplements to selected charities in the next five years.

We donate dose for dose. For every dose sold, we donate the equivalent quantity of doses to Australian charities who support women and youth who are facing or experiencing housing insecurity or homelessness.

Our primary donation product at this moment is a TGA-listed medicine, Immunity Plus. Unlike other immunity products, we’re proud that our product contains no maltodextrin and only the bare minimum when it comes to excipients (fillers, binders, processing aids). And because all active ingredients are at therapeutic dosages, it is classed a medicine rather than a food. This means that people using it are more likely to get results.

Over 200,000 doses already donated

To date we’ve launched 12 products – 11 of which are practitioner-only.

We’ve also given away the equivalent of 205,685 doses of product to St Vincent de Paul, Happy Boxes, Brisbane Youth Service and Good360 with an RRP value of approximately $102,810.

That equates to just over 2,000 doses per day – or $1,000 per day – since Give Back Health launched.

That’s huge!

At least it feels huge for a humble little company that was but a seed of an idea just 12 months ago when our Director, Murray Smee, sat down with a friend in October 2020 to chat the state of the world and wonder out loud about how to do things better.

How has this been possible?

YOU! Although running a lean team with lower margins and overheads and generosity from industry network is key to keeping costs down, none of this would be possible without product sales.

We’ve sold the equivalent amount of doses, predominantly through our practitioner-only range, Give Back Health Clinic Collection, and true to our word, we’re donating the same amount to vulnerable and at-risk Australians.

(We’ve actually sold more than what we’ve donated, but more on that in just a moment.)

So the first thing to say is THANK YOU for not only recognising the quality and scientific thinking that’s gone into bringing these premium products to life through TGA-approved, GMP facilities in Australia, but also for recognising the importance of our mission.

Why this matters

In some cases, there are cycles and generations of poverty and hardship that are incredibly hard to break. For others, it doesn’t take much to shift from a so-called normal existence into unexpected hard times. In essence, none of us are immune to a change in circumstances, and everything that could come with that. Likewise, some positive support can shift things in quite a different way too.

Research tells us that there’s a direct link between living below the poverty line and eating a poor, nutrient-deficient diet. There’s also a link between poor diet and poor health outcomes, both physical and mental.

While the ideal is that everyone gets access to nutrient-dense, wholesome, healthy food, where this isn’t possible, supplements can act in a supporting way. We’re doing what we can within our field of expertise to offer some of this support.

And by purchasing our products, you’re part of that support too.

As a practitioner, using our products not only helps your patients achieve the best health outcomes, it also supports the health of our wider community.

As a patient, using our products not only helps you to feel better, it also extends out to someone else.

Feel good. Give back.

$2,760 donation from webinar proceedings

Although our main focus is donating products, many charities are unable to accept actual product. On occasion we’ll do drives to raise money to support charities who we couldn’t otherwise support. 

In early September to coincide with the launch of Give Back Health Clinic Collection, we ran a masterclass webinar with two industry experts, Rachel Arthur (Rachel Arthur Nutrition) and Dane Renshaw (Atomic Regs) on how to confidently prescribe compounding medicines.

We committed 100% of the $15 cover charge to a charity that supports vulnerable and at-risk women and children.

Again, we were blown away by the support and generosity from both Rachel and Dane, but also from all who attended.

Not only did we raise $2,760 for Women Up North Housing (WUNH), a housing service for women and their children who have experienced domestic or family violence or abuse, but we also received so much generous feedback from our practitioner community.

Thank you 🙏

We’ve noted all feedback and are preparing further expert-led educational webinars for 2022.

If you missed the webinar, we’ve now made a replay available on our resource page.

What’s next?

Alongside our suite of 12 products to date, we’ve still got one more product we’re hoping to launch either later this year or early next, something special designed to support better sleep and a perfect partner for our pure, day and night magnesium and glycine product, MagRelax. Keep an eye out for that.

Then into 2022 the new products will keep rolling. We keep our ear to the ground and our eyes on the latest research to make sure we bring you products that are needed and can make a big difference to the health of your patients.

When it comes to doses sold versus doses donated, we’re actually ahead on sales now.

By 234,591 doses to be precise.

This means we’re now able to prepare for our next round of donations, which will go to our impact partners, Happy Boxes, Good360 and Brisbane Youth Service.

We’re also excited to announce that we’ve connected with a new distributor in New Zealand and are currently searching for a suitable New Zealand based charity impact partner who can benefit from all NZ sales going forward.

Anything else we’re feeling particularly good about?

We feel really good about the quality of products we’ve introduced to both our retail and practitioner-only ranges. Some of our biggest achievements include:

  • Bringing the first nicotinamide riboside chloride (NRC) practitioner-only product to Australia. This is an ingredient that’s favoured by leading fertility clinics across the world and is often partnered up with NAC and zinc picolinate.
  • Introducing our new, sulfite-free, TGA-listed medicine, MagRelax. Suitable for use during the day or prior to sleep, MagRelax is a simple yet effective formula that provides a highly absorbable form of magnesium with the clinically trialled dosage of L-glycine for optimal clinical outcomes.
  • Our new, pure, Certified Organic mushroom powders  – Organic Chaga and Organic Lion’s Mane – that are compliant with the regulations (to help protect practitioners) and suitable for in-clinic prescribing. 🍄
  • 12 new products in 100 days. For those of you who know what goes into every stage of this journey – from research through to product development to all the collateral and promotional and distributor aspects – you’ll appreciate that this is HUGE.
  • Feedback from our practitioner community. It means the world to us to know we’re on the right track. Keep it coming. Keep recommendations coming too. Let us know what you and your patients need. We’re here to help you help your patients get results.

The way forward

These first 100 days have been… full.

We’re a teeny team, mostly made up of contractors and other generous industry professionals, and we’re so excited to be doing something a little bit different; something that allows us to make a positive difference in the world while offering the highest quality nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements at a competitive price point.

Yes, we’ve already been able to donate 205,685 doses, but we’ve still got a long, long way to go to get to our 10 million doses goal.

= 9,794,315 doses to go.

We believe it’s possible, but we need your help. The more people we reach through sales, the more people we can reach through donations.

We’re on a mission to give back health to vulnerable, at-risk Australians through nutritional intervention and our goal is to donate 10 million doses of therapeutically active nutritional supplements to selected charities in the next five years.

Help us do it in three.

Immunity Plus is available to purchase directly through our web shop or via our preferred Australian distributors, Oborne Health Supplies and

For our practitioner-only range, Give Back Health Clinic Collection, please visit Oborne Health Supplies and Please note products may only be visible to registered practitioners who are logged into those sites/system.

Feel good. Give back.

DISCLAIMER: We recommend speaking with a registered medical practitioner before taking any supplements or vitamins to ensure you don’t encounter any adverse effects or clashes with current medications you may be taking.