Imagine a world where everyone
can enjoy better health.

How is it different to our current world?

Our Goal

Our goal is to give away 10 million doses of premium, therapeutic and nutritional formulations in the next 5 years. For every dose we sell, we will donate a dose of therapeutically active nutritional products to selected registered charities and non-profits. Dose for dose.

We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy better health. We believe that therapeutic nutraceuticals can help support better health. 

We exist to ensure more Australians can access and use therapeutically sound supplements and nutritional products that will improve their health. We’re here to help get scientifically-supported products into the hands of those who might otherwise miss out because of cost or sourcing or even just knowing what’s available. 

When it's only some people who can afford or source or access better quality health products, there's inequality. And that's a problem.

We’re on a mission to give back health to the vulnerable, at risk members of our community through nutritional intervention.

About Us

We’re a purpose-led Australian nutraceutical company running a lean operation. Fewer overheads and lower margins mean we can offer premium products at better pricing to all of you that form part of our world: distributors, healthcare practitioners, patients and retail consumers. Our area of expertise is clean, therapeutic supplements and nutritional products that are clinically dosed and scientifically robust.

Call us minimalists if you like, but we don’t care for filler, fluff or fairy dust. You know how some products include ingredients at minute doses just so they can be splashed across the label? Yes, it’s a thing. Not here, though. No way.

We care deeply about the integrity of the products we create. We are 100% for quality and efficacy. Ultimately, we care profoundly for the health and wellbeing of people.

A closeup of Give Back Health Director and Give Back Coordinator Murray Smee. Murray is wearing a blue striped business shirt. He is sitting on a chair on a balcony in front of green and yellow shrubbery.

The Give Back Coordinator

Murray Smee is our Director and Give Back Coordinator. 

He believes that people come before profit and that the more people we can help, the more we can give back. 

Through his work and leadership in well-known Australian corporations and more recently as CEO of a leading practitioner-only brand, Murray brings decades of experience to this new little company of ours. 

He wants Give Back Health to be a brand that makes a meaningful difference to Australian communities.

A network of scientific, naturopathic and industry experts

Give Back Health is informed and supported by a network of industry experts, including naturopath-scientist Dane Renshaw and his experienced team at Atomic Regs Pty Ltd, a product development and regulatory affairs consultancy who support brands within the nutraceutical, complementary medicines and functional foods space. 

Dane loves being on the front-line of innovation and is known for formulating premium products that are grounded in robust scientific studies and are therapeutically dosed to make a real difference.

Dane heads up our Scientific Advisory Committee, a group of expert researchers, educators and industry professionals. More details on this coming soon.

'At the core of it, we're trying to really make some change in Australia and do something that's got a bigger purpose other than just selling products and making profits.'
A closeup of Give Back Health Director and Give Back Health Coordinator Murray Smee. Murray is wearing a blue striped business shirt in front of a solid yellow background.
Murray Smee
Director & Give Back Coordinator

Where it started

When Murray Smee left his CEO role at Bio Concepts – a pracitioner-only brand – he decided he was ready to change tack. At least somewhat. For the best part of his career he’d worked across multinationals and family-owned businesses, driving growth and leading companies. 

By October 2020, as Covid raged around the world, he became increasingly aware of growing health inequalities – even here on our shores in Australia – and realised he had to do something. 

With the support of Dane Renshaw from Atomic Regs, Murray Smee created the foundations for a business that could give back to community and at the same time support the health and wellbeing of as many people as possible throughout the entire product journey. 

From carefully considered sourcing and ingredient selection right through to the end user who gets an actively dosed supplement, it all contributed to form the backbone of Give Back Health. 

Give back health along the way

Our healthcare practitioners – who typically give so much of themselves ­– balance the challenge of wholly supporting their patients while also juggling the business side of things (which in turn allows them to help more people). Who looks after them?

People who invest in supplements – either via healthcare practitioners or straight from the chemist – can be overwhelmed by choice and feel unsure of what is really, truly going to help them to achieve their health goals. How can they know what or who to trust?

And what about the many, many people who don’t even have the luxury of accessing and using nutritional supplements? Unsurprisingly, it is the people who are least likely to be able to afford these products who could most benefit from them.

So here we are, ready to create a ruckus, spread generosity and kindness, lift each other up and work towards a healthier, happier world. 

A world where everyone gets to enjoy better health.

And the way we know how to do that is through offering high quality, therapeutic nutritional supplements to all Australians who can benefit from them, including members of our community who are vulnerable and at risk.

Feel good. Give back.